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Math Program at Reinhardt University

We use this open group to post handouts, bookmarks, and various material that everyone can use. The blog section could be used by students to exchange books and calculators.The Chat Room could be used to ask questions or to give us suggestions.
Look at GeoGebra website for updated versions of the "installers" and for the GoogleChrome version, that works on portable devices.
New version, GeoGebra 5.0, has 3D graphics! 
GeoGebra-Windows-Installer-4-2-18-0.exe (.exe, 9384K)
This is obsolete now. 
NewFuncFromOld.ggb (.ggb, 5K)
Exp and Log.ggb (.ggb, 5K)
AlgebraOfFunctions.ggb (.ggb, 5K)
LinMod.ggb (.ggb, 6K)
LogisticModel.ggb (.ggb, 3K)
Calculator (.zip, 810K)
Extract all the files and run vti83.exe
This will emulate the TI-83 calculator on your PC.
A web calculator is
A valuable resource is the CAS offered by Mathematica.
MAT 099
Mat 099-HW (.pdf, 53K)
09Fa-099-Test1-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 338K)
09Fa-099-Test2-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 153K)
09Fa-099-Test3-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 475K)
09Fa-099-Test4-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 546K)
09Fa-099-Final-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 1578K)
10Su-099-Test1-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 470K)
10Su-099-Test2-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 451K)
10Su-099-Test3-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 640K)
10Su-099-Test4-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 1305K)
11sp-099-Test1-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 681K)
11sp-099-Test2-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 510K)
11sp-099-Test3-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 483K)
11sp-099-Test4-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 477K)
11Su-099-Test1-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 935K)
11Su-099-Test2-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 571K)
11Su-099-Test3-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 502K)
11Su-099-Test4-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 469K)
11Su-099-Final-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 2517K)
13suExam3Review-99-DrStrazz (.pdf, 47K)
13Su-099-Test1Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 92K)
13Su-099-Test2Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 149K)
13Su-099-Test3Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 95K)
13Su-099-Test4Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 146K)
13Su-099-FinalKey-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 131K)
14Su-099-Test1Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 116K)
14Su-099-Test2Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 457K)
14Su-099-Test3Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 126K)
14Su-099-Test4Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 198K)
MAT 102
OLD Textbook TOC of 3rd Edition (.pdf, 20K)
Consider the free preview of chapter 1 and the free tutorials at
SystemsOfLinEq.pdf (.pdf, 519K)
MAT 099 students should use only section 1.
09Fa-102-Exam1Key-DrStrazz (.pdf, 192K)
09Fa-102-Exam2Key-DrStrazz (.pdf, 169K)
09Fa-102-Exam3Key-DrStrazz (.pdf, 176K)
09Fa-102-Exam4Key-DrStrazz (.pdf, 95K)
10Sp-102-Exam1Key-DrStrazz (.pdf, 101K)
10Sp-102-Exam2Key-DrStrazz (.pdf, 91K)
10Sp-102-Exam3Key-DrStrazz (.pdf, 83K)
10Sp-102-Exam4Key-DrStrazz (.pdf, 103K)
11Fa-102-Exam1-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 530K)
11Fa-102-Test2GuideKey-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 2520K)
11Fa-102-Exam2-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 558K)
11Fa-102-Exam3-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 574K)
11Fa-102-Test4GuideKey-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 345K)
11Fa-102-Exam4-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 448K)
11Fa-102-Final-Key-DrStrazz (.pdf, 672K)
12Sp-102-Exam2-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 756K)
12Sp-102-Exam3-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 959K)
12Sp-102-Exam4-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 388K)
12Fa-102-Exam1-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 683K)
12Fa-102-Exam2-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 944K)
12Fa-102-Exam3-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 771K)
12Fa-102-Exam4-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 655K)
13Sp-102-Exam1Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 640K)
13Sp-102-Exam2Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 663K)
13Sp-102-Exam3Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 803K)
13Sp-102-Exam4Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 664K)
13Fa-102-Exam1Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 161K)
13Fa-102-Exam2Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 240K)
13Fa-102-Exam3Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 177K)
13Fa-102-Exam4Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 179K)
13Fa-102-Final-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 373K)
14Fa-102-Exam1-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 185K)
14Fa-102-Exam2-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 176K)
14Fa-102-Exam4-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 173K)
MAT 121
AppendixS.pdf (.pdf, 210K)
S-Practice.PDF (.PDF, 75K)
14SP-121-Exam1Key.pdf (.pdf, 525K)
14SP-121-Exam2Key.pdf (.pdf, 242K)
14SP-121-Exam3Key.pdf (.pdf, 807K)
MAT 221
10Sp-221-Syllabus.doc (.doc, 80K)
10Sp-221-Exam1Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 99K)
10Sp-221-Exam2Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 79K)
10Sp-221-Exam3Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 103K)
10Sp-221-Exam4Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 158K)
10Sp-221-Exam5-review-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 56K)
12Fa-221-Exam1-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 905K)
12Fa-221-Exam2-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 703K)
12Fa-221-Exam3-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 1174K)
12Fa-221-Final-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 871K)
14Fa-221-Exam1-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 179K)
14Fa-221-Exam2-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 336K)
14Fa-221-Exam3-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 326K)
14Fa-221-Exam4-Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 229K)
MAT 321
13Sp-Quiz2_17-GGB (.ggb, 11K)
A Geogebra file you can use for various questions.
13Sp-Quiz2_15-GGB (.ggb, 18K)
ODEsolver.ggb (.ggb, 14K)
13Sp-321-Exam2Sample-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 754K)
sa018-3.ggb (.ggb, 16K)
13Sp-321-Exam1Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 750K)
13Sp-321-Exam2Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 924K)
13Sp-321-Exam3Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 911K)
13Sp-321-Exam4Key-DrStrazz.pdf (.pdf, 719K)
MAT 310
14Sp-310-Exam1-Key.pdf (.pdf, 151K)
14Sp-310-Exam2-Key.pdf (.pdf, 959K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

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MAT 210
Mrs E Smith Math 210 Syllabus (.docx, 20K)
Mrs E Smith Project Guide Math 210 and 211 (.docx, 12K)
Cool material
Secondary Education Mathematics Major (.pdf, 96K)
Would you like to have a career teaching high school math? It is a great job! Talk to Mrs Smith if you would like more information!
Super Website for Number Systems and other History of Math topics (.docx, 95K)
Basic Geometry Constructions - Great for Math 210 and 211 (.doc, 144K)
GACE Study Guide for Middle Grades Math majors (.pdf, 702K)
Trig Formulas, Unit Circle and Identities (.pdf, 47K)
Class Grid for Secondary Math Ed majors (.pdf, 10K)
 Talk to Mrs Smith if you would like more information
GACE Study Guide for Elementary Education- Math (.pdf, 556K)
Math 116 Pre Calc E Smith Syllabus (.doc, 45K)
MAT 211
Mrs E Smith Math 211 Syllabus (.docx, 20K)
MAT 102
Mrs E Smith Math 102 Syllabus (.doc, 41K)
Textbook TOC of 3rd Edition (.pdf, 20K)
Extra Credit Log sheet for E. Smith Math 102 (.pdf, 54K)
Solve and show all work for solving these log problems
You can print off this link
if easier to download.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
There are no available blog posts
Schedules and Advising Tree
MAT-ProjAdvTree.docx (.docx, 80K)
Download and edit your tree according to the projected offerings.
14-18-MAT-ProjectedCourseOfferings-Revised141006.doc (.doc, 34K)
15Fa-MAT-Schedule0306.xlsx (.xlsx, 17K)
Download and Edit your grid, with the help of your advisor.
MAT-AdvisementGrid2013.xls (.xls, 26K)
MAT-QS-AdvisementGrid2013.xls (.xls, 27K)
MAT-ED-AdvisementGrid2013.xls (.xls, 27K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.